The company was founded in 2005. In 2008, a 155-meter tunnel kiln was built. In 2009, a comprehensive building was built. In 2011, the company completed the “coal to gas” project in the tunnel kiln, and dismantled the gas generator, the downdraft kiln and other equipment to build a fully automatic high-temperature shuttle kiln, and established a production and research base in cooperation with Henan University of Science and Technology to establish chemical analysis and physical testing. Laboratory. In 2012, a fully automatic high-temperature shuttle kiln was built and equipped with related equipment. In 2013, the office building of the sales department was completed. In 2014, a micro-compound building was built and equipped with a docking automatic batching system. In 2015, a special high-temperature material workshop was built, equipped with 1250T press, 630T press, 500T hydraulic press and other equipment. In 2016, a high temperature tunnel kiln was under construction.


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